GW690 Woes

This is my first 2016 52 Rolls post and is the companion post to today’s anniversary greetings to my parent that you can find here:

The moribund links have all reverted to links so the one at the bottom of this post won’t work. But this will:

52 rolls


I am back, at least for the start of 2016. I had a lot of fun doing this in 2015 and managed to finish the year which took some doing as I was in the field quite a bit, including long stretches off the grid entirely. I have no idea what work will bring for me this year, so I am going to launch into a 2016 project and see where it takes me. If I don’t finish, then at least I will be dropping by for a visit and making the occasional post. Once I get started it may well feel wrong to stop.

Both of these rolls of film that I have used for week 1 were shot in 2015, but the second one was not processed or scanned until 2016 and I wanted to hold the first one till I saw the results of the second as I anticipated…

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