Tripping II


Another photograph from my test roll in the Olympus Trip.

I was testing the near focus setting, but what better subject for the background than the storm drain?





Olympus Trip 35, Kodak GC 400, commercially developed, scanned on Epson V700, edited in Lightroom



15 thoughts on “Tripping II

  1. There’s a storm drain at the the end of this tunnel 🙂 🙂

    great colours from a “test” roll !

    btw, I gave in to the GAS eventually and bought myself a Fuji GS645S 60mm f/4 from “the bay” … collected it from the PO yesterday evening … tremendous relief 😀

    My first ever rangefinder camera, and my first shot was with the lens cap on !!! this after days of reading and researching about rangefinders 😛

    The camera is small but definitely not “light” … and ergonomics were suitable for smaller hands, I guess … if I end up liking rangefinder handling, I’ll probably go for the Texas Leica … should fit my hands better.


    • Thanks! Congratulations on your new camera – you are going to love it. You must have very large hands – the 6×9 really is a large camera. My hands are not small, though I have quite short fingers (if that is not a contradiction) and I find it quite comfortable to use, though bigger hands would do well with it too.
      Try not to get used to the lens cap problem, though perhaps “resigned” might not hurt! It is going to keep on happening I expect, at least it does to me and I have used a lot of different rangefinders over the past few years. One thing that helps is to get a good lens hood that provides lots of protection to the lens (and comfort to you) and then leave the lens cap off except when putting it into a bag. I have that set up on a Yashica Electro which I don’t even have a filter for and it has worked pretty well.

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      • I do not have very large hands 😛 … it’s probably the comfortable grip on my Nikon DSLR that now makes my right hand fingers hurt when clinging on to the GS645S because the left hand does not have enough camera estate to cradle … it’s the left hand that needs to work more now I guess …

        And now I realize the importance of my father’s research papers on Farm Machinery Ergonomics 🙂


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