Postal Corner




Another test from the Espio 120SW, showing the fairly heavy vignetting at 28mm focal length.



Pentax Espio 120SW, Agfa Vista Plus 200, commercially processed and scanned.


2 thoughts on “Postal Corner

  1. Such wonderful colors!! I guess the vignetting adds to the composition.

    A colleague today pointed out one my very slightly blurry 6X6 shots from a recent office luncheon and said, “Oh man, the picture quality from your camera is not good at all” … if I had my Yashica 635 with me then, both his lobes of stupidity would’ve been on the floor!!

    Thankfully we are left in peace in these forums.


    • I think the vignetting is acceptable in this shot. And a touch of soft focus too. Overall this camera has not quite sharp focus, which is hardly surprising given the nature of the lens. But it makes pleasing photos. The colour is, I think, partly from the film which really has an interesting take on some colours, especially green. It is the first time I have used it, so need to shoot some more before I know if that is the cause, or it is the result of the commercial scan settings.


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