Not Pink

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This is Roll 14 from my 2016 52Rolls project. It was shot on expired thrift store film that is very far past its best. Some juicy colour shifts and lots of grain. It is interesting how different the results are from one expired roll to the next. This one was quite a surprise. Check out the original post as there are several images there. More will appear at Burnt Embers in the next few weeks.

52 rolls

2016-XA2-004-003 200 ISO

Contrary to appearances, this building is not pink. It is orange. I had to think long and hard to remember what colour it really was after I saw these images as I knew it was not pink.

These were taken with a roll of Kodak Gold 400 – a thrift store find of a bag of film for about 25 cents, or maybe 50 cents a roll. All the Kodak film in that bag told lies, though this one really takes the cake for decorative invention. The negatives are very thin, and the histogram on the scanner is a super narrow spike in the middle of the possible range. Hard to scan!

I should have learned and changed the ISO setting to accommodate its old age and an apparently abusive former relationship. Indeed for this scene I did test it by shooting first at box speed of 400 (next image), then 200…

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