Drain Worship


Anyone that hangs around this blog will understand that from my perspective this guy must be worshipping the storm drain.

The storm, and the waves, and the power of nature are just coincidental.




Olympus XA2, Agfa Vista 200, commercially developed, scanned on Epson V700, edited in Lightroom



17 thoughts on “Drain Worship

    • Thanks Adrian. This is one of my favourite photos. I use quite a number of Olympus point and shoot cameras with an original Pen (1960), XA, XA2 and mjuii leading the way, all being excellent cameras. I have never taken the plunge to an Olympus SLR, though the temptations are huge given their stellar glass and good design. I like to use the old glass on my DSLR (Canon 5Dii) and modern film SLRs (Canon Elans and EOS3), but there are only so many adapters I am prepared to buy, so I stick mostly with Takumar lenses which work on older SLR bodies that I have, some of which I have had since the 70’s (Spotmatics). \

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  1. Ehpem,
    I love the photos of the “storm drain” and it’s worshiper and his dogs. But I don’t understand why the concrete “jetty” (I would call it), is called a storm drain. Will you enlighten me about that. Just a Georgia girl used to the beaches of the Atlantic, Celia


    • Hi Celia – it is the discharge end of the storm drain system – there is a big pipe inside and an open gridwork down low on the sides of the far end of the pier. Water collected during heavy rain travels directly to the ocean bypassing the sewer system to prevent backups into buildings. This includes water off the streets and I think from perimeter drains around houses which collect from downspouts off roofs. It is supposedly clean water. In some very rare and heavy rain events I think the sewers can overflow into this system too but that may have been corrected in the past few years.


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    • Ha Yvonne – that comment made my day. I have a degree in anthropology so it seems like the perfect observation on your part. I even took a grad course from Kenelm Burridge, one of the great explainers of cargo, and other south pacific, cults.

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    • Hi alushzka – welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. I am very pleased with it as well – I have taken hundreds 0f photos of this storm drain over the years, and this ranks in a short list of favourites.

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  3. Storm Drain worship eh? Ahem, perhaps it is the photographer who is celebrating this..(grin) whatever the case I really like this photo.
    very enigmatic. A side note..those dogs seem quite placid in the face of all that spray and wind.

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    • Hi Sherry. Looks like worship to me. The dogs were very laid back, especially for shelties which seem to be very high energy. They did not seem phased by waves washing over the end of the drain. However, they did look relieved to get moving off of it.


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