Sam Weber Band IX



More of Sam Weber and his band, with another example of a the film shots I made for them to use in the release of their new album.

The album sounds great, I have heard an advance copy and it is worth having.

It will be out next week  and you can order it through links here where you can also here three of the songs.

This link has information on the album release party in Victoria which I am really looking forward to.

In fact it’s a double release party with Quoia who are also releasing a new album.

My son plays for both bands, so how could I miss their album release?

BTW, don’t blame Sam, a west coast boy, for supporting the New York Rangers.

After all, he’s a musician and the inside of his head rings with music – there is little room left for sensible thoughts about hockey.



More of my photographs of the band can be found at this link



Canon Elan IIE, Kodak Portra 160. Film developed commercially, scanned with Epson V700, edited in Lightroom.





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