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Some photos from the publicity shots I took of the Sam Weber Band – these are all taken along the Harling Point waterfront. Check out this interview with Sam from yesterday which has some solo acoustic versions of his songs

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These photographs are selected from some band publicity shots that I did in late February. I am cleared to show them now that their new album is about to be released. My interest and involvement with the Sam Weber band springs from my son being a member. Mercifully they make very nice music that I am more than happy to listen to. In fact, I have an advance copy of their new album Valentina Nevada playing while I write. If interested, for the few remaining days before the album release snippets of all the songs can be heard at this link. There is a good interview with Sam, including a couple of solo acoustic versions of the new songs here.

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3 thoughts on “Band Photos

    • Hi Mario, I expect it is, but it is hard to tell as the CD has no specific listing of who is playing what. These guys play a bunch of different instruments. Sam plays some piano on this album but mostly guitar. My son plays mostly keys and slide guitar. If you hear a track with slide or organ sounds then that is him for sure, but piano is harder to know. I have also heard my son play bass with this band, and the drummer too, but now that they have a bass player it is unlikely either of them is responsible for any of the bass tracks. But….


      • For instance, on the title track, the slide guitar opening is my son, and I think that Sam plays piano for the whole thing.


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