Narrows Sunset



While on the Passing Cloud in Gwaii Haanas we visited Burnaby Narrows (Dolomite Narrows) a couple of times.

This is at sunset, taken from the anchorage at the south end of the narrows near Bag Harbour.



Canon 5Dii, EF 100/2.8 macro lens, ISO800, f3.5, 1/80th


3 thoughts on “Narrows Sunset

    • Hi Yvonne, The origin is unclear to me. The sources I have for place names in British Columbia either don’t include it, or make reference to charts from 1913 without reference. However, my suspicion is that it was named for the kind of rock called dolomite (presumably after the Dolomite Mtns) and was named by George M. Dawson a government geologist who named a lot of landmarks in this area. His journals from 1878 say “The Narrows of Burnaby Strait of Poole may be called Dolomite Narrows”. The edited volume of his journals usually mentions in a footnote when he has named a place, but does not for this reference. Poole was a miner who operated on Burnaby Island in the 1860s. His account of the two years he spent there does not mention dolomite. For now then I will interpret Dawson’s words to indicate he named this Dolomite Narrows.

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