Windy Bay Creek



While on the Passing Cloud we visited Windy Bay on Lyell Island a couple of times.

There are Haida Watchmen at Windy Bay, with a recently carved pole that was raised to commemorate the founding of Gwaii Haanas.

There is a very nice walk through the forest which passes beside some very large spruce and cedar trees.

Along the path one has to cross this creek.

Preparing this post I discovered that in its own extraordinary way, Google Maps has a street view along this path!.

If you go to this link then click on the street view button (little yellow person icon in lower right of screen) it will show the path.

And if you drag the icon and drop it on the path then you can follow the path as if you are on a downtown street.

Which is pretty darned cool. And there are lots of street views in Gwaii Haanas now.

When I was working in Gwaii Haanas last year I heard that Google had been up that summer doing this project with Parks Canada – its nice to see it up and running.


Canon 5Dii, EF 16-35/2.8 lens @16mm, ISO640, f11, 1/40th


2 thoughts on “Windy Bay Creek

    • It’s a lovely spot so I am glad that you can linger over it. However, to do it in person, you need tall rubber boots as the stream reached very near the top of mine while I was taking this picture.


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