Houston Stewart Channel IV


From an anchorage while aboard the schooner Passing Cloud near the east end of Houston Stewart Channel at Rose Harbour.




Canon 5Dii, EF 100/2.8 macro lens


12 thoughts on “Houston Stewart Channel IV

    • Thank you Mic – it is an entrancing place to visit – I have been lucky enough to spend several weeks pretty much in this exact spot working on projects on an island that is behind me in this scene.

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    • Thank you so much Andy, and for explaining what it is you like about the shot.
      I like the image too, but think the vignette is a bit of a problem. The lens I was using vignettes quite heavily at 16mm and f2.8. I forget to shoot it a bit less wide open sometimes, and then can have a pronounced vignette to deal with. This was one image where the lens profile corrections in Lightroom were not up to the task, and I was too busy to fiddle with it. So, I thought I would try making a virtue out of it, and enhance it. WordPress compression artifacts then did there own thing, including adding some blue/purple tones. I think it needs some work, but probably is worth the effort when i can find some time.


  1. This is just beautiful. Those reflections are unreal! We must have sailed past/near this spot on our cruise, but we didn’t get close enough to admire the place in proper detail. Such a shame, I’d love to go back for views like this!
    P.S. Hello from the UK side of the family!


    • Hi Rachel – hello to the UK cousins! What a surprise to see you in in my comments section today. I was sad to miss you guys when you passed through the area last month but there was no way to get back from the field for a visit.
      You will have passed quite close to this spot (relative to Europe anyway!). Next time you might want to book a tour on a small cruise with daily opportunities to get ashore at interesting places. I was very impressed with my time on this schooner and how many terrific experiences the passengers had. It is a nice way to go.


    • Hi Richard – perhaps it is a transformed whale. This is after all the anchorage in front of the old Rose Harbour whaling station where large objects were being towed all the time for a few decades.


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