SGang Gwaay X



Mortuary poles along the front of the UNESCO World Heritage Site SGang Gwaay.

The village is on the south-west side of Gwaii Haanas and we got there aboard the Passing Cloud last summer.





5 thoughts on “SGang Gwaay X

    • Hi Martin – thanks for dropping by and commenting! It is a fantastic place to visit and has something good to offer in almost any light and conditions. Worth a visit if you can find a way to get there.

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      • There is no really easy way to get there. First off you have to get to Haida Gwaii, which is either a long ferry ride from Prince Rupert, or a flight from Vancouver.

        Once in Haida Gwaii there are a few options. Some companies provide very fast inflatables to take people down there from the end of the road, but it is a long and tiring trip without much time to stop and see other things.

        At Rose Harbour there are some residents who will put you up, feed you and run you around the area in their boats. Typically their customers fly in on a chartered float plane – you are not allowed to land near the site in a float plane so have to do the trip in stages.

        You can do what I did and take a cruise into the area for a few days, or fly in to meet a cruise in the area and stick around the south end. You can also link up, by float plane or fast boat, with guided kayak tours and spend a few days kayaking and camping with a group of people.

        If you are a good kayaker, you could put your boat in at the end of the road (Moresby Landing) and paddle in but you would want a couple of weeks at least for that trip. If you have a seaworthy boat and necessary skill and experience you could go there by boat from Prince Rupert area, or northern Vancouver Island, providing the weather is cooperative.

        All of these options are expensive – getting to Haida Gwaii, whether you drive and take the ferry or fly, is hundreds of dollars. Getting to the south end from there is hundreds or more likely thousands more.

        Of course, the difficulty of getting there is one of the things that makes the trip so special. You really have to be committed to see this place.

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