Baan Thai



One of my visits to Campbell River in September took me and my granddaughter to this restaurant.

I went thinking I knew exactly what I was getting because I am a regular customer of Baan Thai restaurants in Victoria.

I guess the Honey Lemon Grill subtitle should have been a clue because it was not at all like what I am used to, and not nearly as good I assumed it would be.

I guess there is no connection between the businesses, despite the name.


Olympus XA2, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, commercial scan


8 thoughts on “Baan Thai

  1. That’s a problem I have had with chains of restaurants in the UK. One assumes that the food will be standard and of equivalent quality. Well maybe the ingredients are identical but the chef is the weakest link and if is rubbish then the food will be too! Big disappointment.

    Anyway it’s an impressive crossing, directing you to the door of the restaurant

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    • Hi Andy – the chef is crucial. As it happens I know the owners of the Victoria restaurants and they have spoken of that very matter – how important the cooking staff are. Sometime I will ask them about this one to see if there is any connection. On another visit to Campbell River to have dinner with my granddaughter and family we found a Japanese restaurant in a very unappealing building (the kind of place you might expect to find a third rate chiropractor, or fourth rate dentist).

      Contrary to the inevitable expectations, the food there was superb, some of the best Japanese food I have ever had. So, that will be my go-to place in Campbell River from now on.

      And the crossing, it IS impressive, and very well placed. There are a number of decorative crossings and sidewalks in the center of town that I find interesting.


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