Parental Workout

Well, it seems to be family day around Burnt Embers today, but not on purpose. These shots of my granddaughter are from May, or thereabouts, but scanned earlier this week.

The whole roll can be seen at 52 Rolls, and there are some nice shots of this cutie! To get there use this link. This is my 43rd roll posted for the year, badly out of sequence due to a long layoff. But I am getting caught up 🙂

52 rolls


Children, and grandchildren, can be quite the workout for a parent, or grandparent. In this instance I headed out with my granddaughter and her dad for a bit of play in her favourite park. She now lives out of town and really enjoys nostalgic visits to the places she remembers from before the move.

This is another roll from my backlog, developed months ago, but only scanned a few days ago. I shot this roll at ISO100, as a bit of an experiment. I don’t think it is improved on the results I normally get at box speed, everything is a bit more pastel, and that can be nice, but nothing here makes me want to do this all the time with this film.

While the dad got exercise, I gave my Canon Elan 7N a workout, running a full roll of Agfa Vista 200 through while my son-in-law ran end to…

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