Foliage and Ice


This is four exposures of the cat’s frozen water bowl and nearby plants on the patio.

From more testing of a Canon EOS3, the rest of the roll is up on today, soon to be reblogged here too.




Canon EOS3, Canon EF 28-80/3.5-5.6, -2EV, Ilford Delta 400 (-1EV, metered at 800, processed normally and scanned commercially)



5 thoughts on “Foliage and Ice

  1. I’ll never be able to get a multiple exposure to look as good as this. Fantastic. Years ago, in my slide shooting and printing days, I would layer 2 slides together instead of attempting an in-camera multiple. This is giving me ideas to try multiples again (only in a digital format).

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    • Thanks Ken. I am very pleased with this one too. Some of the others were much less satisfying. A few years ago I was struck by some digital double exposures I saw in an exhibition and rushed home to see what I could do with my Canon 5Dii. Sadly, it doesn’t do multiple exposures, which was very disappointing. I understand that many of the Nikons, and newer Canons, do allow for multiples, so perhaps you will be fine.

      Anyway, I am pleased to have cameras that allow multiples, and even some cameras which will take them if I lose concentration for just a second or two (for instance, not winding them on after the last shot since there is no brake to taking multiples). People are doing some very cool in-camera multiple exposures digitally these days.


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