A Roll of Mistakes

My penultimate roll of film from my 2016 52 Rolls project. This roll is on black and white film with a rescued cheap but functional lens that saved the day and includes some experimenting with multiple exposures.

There are twenty something photos in the gallery, only two of which have been seen on these pages before, so you might want to head over to 52 Rolls to see the rest at this link.

52 rolls


The story of this roll of film is a litany of mistakes. I thought I should try some black and white in the EOS3 only having shot colour with it. I had an unexpired roll of Ilford Delta 400 in the fridge so that was my choice (everything else is expired which introduces an additional variable). Given the winter conditions, frequent lack of light and Delta 400’s reputation for being a flexible film, I decided to meter it for EI800. The film canister even has a handy system for marking 400, 800 and 1600, which I did. And I set the camera metering appropriately. Then I forgot about it, and neglected to tell the lab to develop accordingly. So, these shots were underexposed by 1 stop from what the camera metered (and the notes in the gallery should really have -1 EV added to each one). That was my first…

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