Bucket List


Yesterday’s retrospective of my 2016 film photography resulted in a couple of calls of “more storm drain” in 2017. It is New Year’s Day – a day when people develop bucket lists of things to accomplish in the coming 365 days.

So, here we are, it’s 2017, and we have the storm drain again, complete with bucket. These shots were made on my phone last April. This is the only time I have seen people set up lawn chairs on the drain, which when I think about it is kind of surprising. The real question here is  not “what’s with the chairs” because that answer is pretty obvious, it’s “what’s in the bucket”? Maybe it’s full of resolutions, or lists. Or more likely duck food. Or bait. Or pretty pebbles.

Happy New Year everyone – thanks for all the visits and likes and comments in the past year. This blog would be nothing without all of you!






Samsung Galaxy S4, edited in Lightroom



9 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. People rarely take chairs out and sit on storm drains because the word drain has unpleasent connotations. Think sewage, rats, bubonic plague, salmonella, typhoid fever….


    • Well, that is true, though I think that quite a few people don’t think of it as a drain. I even had a print commissioned as a present to a newlywed couple because their marriage proposal was made on the drain (that would have been a nice thing to have caught on film).


      • Its only a matter of time before someone schedules a wedding ceremony to be held on the drain with you as the official photographer!


      • The best photos down there are to be had in the middle of raging storms. I have rain gear, and I even have rain gear for my camera, so that would be ok.


  2. Happy New Year! Thanks for all the lovely photos. I like it when people use something utilitarian for their own entirely unrelated purposes. Like sitting with a mysterious bucket! And it now seems the storm drain is quite a celebrity on your blog, perhaps a unique accolade amongst storm drains?

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    • Thanks Rachel – I probably have more storm drain followers than other kinds! There are many similar structures (piers and the like) around the world which often get photographed. But perhaps other people are not quite so obsessed as I am. In truth, it is an interesting subject. But more to the point I am quite low energy (=lazy?) with my photography around town and very often visit places that have proved interesting in the past, rather than seeking out more places.

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  3. love the pic of the people out there in the lawn chairs with bucket. Makes one want to make up a story to go with the photo. Thanks for so many woderful photos in 2016. Happily awaiting the wonders you will reveal in 2017.

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