Wig Rainbow



Hard for me to imagine why wigs of these colours exist.

This shot is actually part of a set about the Roxy Theater on Quadra Street – reflected in the window in this case.


Canon Sure Shot Z90W, Agfa Vista 200



8 thoughts on “Wig Rainbow

  1. Extraordinary tale, Mr E! It is funny that while reading the above comments, I felt like I was eavesdropping (eaves-reading? 😊) on a private conversation, despite the subject of the story wanting the whole world to hear her.

    I was brought up with Catholicism and my feeling is that the religious amongst us are mostly WORSE than the rest of us. I’ve been an atheist most of my life but only “came out” recently.

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    • It was a bit like eavesdropping having that woman tell us all that stuff. She even used specialist language from the scene, and then translated the terminology for us. I really have no idea what brought it on.
      Sad that you lived in a situation where you had to “come out” with your atheism, rather than it being an acceptable part of the norm that did not need hiding.

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    • Me too actually.

      There is a hilarious story from the store next door, which was so distracting I nearly missed this shot. Next door is one of those religious thrift stores and the middle aged woman running the till (whom I assume to be a god-fearing Christian) got into a loud conversation with my sister-in-law with me listening slack jawed. It was about the S&M fetish scene in Victoria, and her recent conquests of Sir someone or other that she whipped down onto the floor, amongst other similar tales. Everyone in the whole store could hear her. Surreal. Or rather SURREAL.

      It is pretty hard to see a shot, even a dayglo one like this, while weeping with incredulous laughter.

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