Trunk and Leaf

Shot with a pinhole camera pressed into a fork in the tree trunks.






Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera, Kodak Ektar, expired 09/2014, metered at 100ISO for F128 (pinhole is F138), commercial processing and low res scan


7 thoughts on “Trunk and Leaf

    • Thanks Melinda, and thanks for the link – that is a great painting. However, I am now consumed with worry that I might have got my orientation wrong when processing the image!


      • I never knew about the confusion or controversy about that O’Keeffee painting until I was looking for a link to put in my comment. But you’re OK with your image: it’s yours and you get to orient it any damn way you want.

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    • Thanks Lynn. The image is a bit disorienting to me as the tree doesn’t look at all like this from the outside, and I drive past it nearly every day wondering how it can be so different from a squirrel’s-eye view.


  1. The composition is interesting. Te trees lead my eyes though the photograph to meet he vivid green. I find impressive that it has been shot on a pinhole


    • Thank you phppi – the Zeroimage pinhole cameras have very exact pinholes that render pretty much as sharp an image as possible from pinhole. The big advantage is that they have infinite depth of field and they require long exposures and thus nicely soft leaves and branches that are moving a bit.

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