Fisheye Library


Another from the test roll with fish-eye and black and white film.

I am away for a few weeks so will be even slower than usual on replying to comments.

But I will when I come back on the grid.



Canon Elan 7N, Takumar Fish-eye 17/4, Ilford XP2, orange filter



4 thoughts on “Fisheye Library

    • Thanks so much Lynn. There is a lot to learn about the appropriate use of a lens like this. I still have a long way to go, but already have some ideas.


      • I guess when you have a success like this, you can see more possibilities. It’s not quite the same thing, but I bought a 45mm prime (for mirrorless) and at first, I didn’t like it – just couldn’t get used to seeing things through it. I picked it up again and felt very differently about it. It’s sharp and fast, and I’m glad I didn’t sell it! 😉

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      • I find that lenses and gear in general fall in and out of my favour. There are things I have sold that I very much regret not having anymore, and there are things I have kept that I can’t comprehend why I still have them.

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