Moon Jelly Swarm


I am back from Haida Gwaii where, among other things, I spent two weeks aboard the schooner Passing Cloud.

The boat in this picture was touring a party of biologists, all women and old friends whom we met ashore at one of the Watchmen sites.

This photo is from Louscoone Inlet, one of two places to get water into boats in Gwaii Haanas.

While we waited our turn to fill up we spotted a jellyfish swarm or aggregation – an amazing thing I saw last year as well – check out this post for pictures and an underwater video from that event in 2016.

You can see that these biologists were pretty thrilled to see so many tens of thousands of Moon Jellies (Aurelia) all in one place, so crowded they were touching each other.



3 thoughts on “Moon Jelly Swarm

    • Thank you Lynn. We saw three swarms this year and the one in the video last year. My dad is a jelly fish biologist, so I grew up with a special affinity for the creatures. To see them in such heavy concentrations is a bit mind blowing.


      • For me, with no real experience save being stung as a child off the coast of Georgia by them (sp.?), seeing even a few was mind blowing. I just love watching them move in the water. My father was a chem. engineer – but I resisted the science bug. Still, many scientific concepts and leanings are deeply embedded in me.

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