Woodruff Bay


More from my recent two weeks aboard the schooner Passing Cloudwhich is faintly visible in the distance, along with her tender that had just dropped us off.

This photo, one of my favourites from the trip, is in Woodruff Bay on the south end of Kunghit Island in Gwaii Haanas.



4 thoughts on “Woodruff Bay

    • Thanks Lynn – that is her, a speck in this vast place.

      This image needs some work – this was a quick edit done for the passengers – we send them off with a thumb-drive of images from their trip. I amputated the foreground rock when I straightened the horizon, and need to figure out a way of getting it back into the image.


      • My version of LR does not have transform. Photoshop elements, which I also have, does but it doesn’t seem to work too well. Modern software would be better. And, it turns out that there is almost no crop or rotation on this photo, contrary to my memory, so there is nothing there to preserve in rotation.


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