Bag Harbour


More from the schooner Passing Cloudseen here in Bag Harbour.

Bag Harbour is on Moresby Island Gwaii Haanas just south of Burnaby Narrows.

In the narrows is one of the greatest concentrations of intertidal life anywhere, a highlight of the trip at low tide.



5 thoughts on “Bag Harbour

  1. Any idea why it’s called Bag Harbour? I’m glad to know it’s an intertidal biodiversity hot-spot : I was fearing that you’d found it full of marine debris and had named it yourself, knowing your sense of humour!

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    • Hi raqmaq, sorry for the delay in responding – deadlines and all that…

      I don’t know the origin of the name Bag Harbour, but I suspect it is because it has the shape of a simple bag with drawstring. It is remarkably clear of marine debris, without even many logs. I am not sure why, but perhaps it is because it is right at the mouth of Burnaby Narrows, and for some reason the rising and falling tide always, or almost always, flows through the narrows in the same direction away from Bag Harbour end. Perhaps it acts like a stream, pulling marine debris through to other end of the narrows rather than it getting parked on tide changes. Total speculation, might have nothing to do with it! There used to be a clam cannery in the bay so there is some rusted machinery at the edge of the tree line.

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