Louscoone Mists III


Taken while the Passing Cloud was leaving the Louscoone Inlet anchorage early one morning.



I am off to the field for a few weeks. I will have intermittent internet and will try to respond to comments when I can.


Canon 5Dii, EF 70-300/4-5.6 macro lens @130mm, ISO800, f6.3, 1/3200th


4 thoughts on “Louscoone Mists III

    • Hi Lynn, I like your use of “wildness”. “Wilderness” is an artificial and really an invalid concept in this part of the world where people have lived for 14000 years, until a hundred years ago when disease and global economic factors removed residents from the area. Their leaving changed the area considerably without people managing the ecosystems and harvesting different resources. As an archaeologist that has surveyed much of Gwaii Haanas for archaeological sites (there are more than 700 archaeological sites now recorded, and many more yet to be found), I can attest that people used to be all over these places, pretty much all of the time.
      It is wild now, and always has been because the natural elements are powerful and uncompromising, the shorelines treacherous, the landscape challenging. But I can’t think of it as a wilderness, absent of people, because that is not how it has been, nor how it looks to the trained eye.


    • Thank you elizabettina – I don’t find it too savage at all. Haida Gwaii is an unusual place, with almost no predators (black bear that ignore humans), and an artificial floral ecosystem imposed by introduced deer (which abound without predators) which means that there is very little understory, often only moss, so moving around in these forests is atypically easy.


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