Tide Line Test


The second roll of film that I used to test the Pentax ME Super was Kodak Royal Gold 400 that expired in about January 2004. I shot it at ISO 200 to compensate for the loss of sensitivity. Probably I could have shot it at ISO 100 with better results, indicated not only by these images being a bit underexposed, and by some that I adjusted the exposure by another stop and got better results. I have a few more rolls, so it is good to sort this out!

If I turned around from this location and looked southeast I would see the storm drain. The sun was just rising hence the golden cast over everything.





Pentax ME Super, SMC Pentax 28/2.8 lens,

Kodak Royal Gold 400, metered at 200 ISO, expired 01-2004. Film developed & scanned commercially.





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