This is in the Mews, around back at Government House in Victoria.

I know not what is beyond this entrance as I did not breach the threshold.


Olympus XA, JCH Street Pan 400, developed commercially, scanned at home.



4 thoughts on “Entrance

    • Thanks Lynn – I will be going back for sure, and perhaps will stick my head inside. Sounds like a job for the mjuii with flash turned on. Or with 3200ISO film in it.


    • Thanks David! I don’t have a good reason. It is on the grounds of the residence of the Lieutenant Governor, representative of HRM, so one feels a bit inhibited. But mostly I was just concentrating on finding things to photograph, and it was dark in there. It is not far away, and I will be back. Next time I will poke my head in, unless there is an official watching from an adjacent window, or something.


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