Argentine Hitty Hair

It’s almost impossible to move in this house without bumping into, tripping over, or being sassed by a doll. They come in all sizes and shapes and types. Some of them collect dust on shelves, but these small wooden Hitty dolls are among the most loved. Here they are sitting on our kitchen table watching the family get on with things. They take part in many of our day-to-day activities, and sometimes even show up under a pillow in the bed. They go on adventures, all around town and far away. Yesterday some of them even met the Queen. They are kind-hearted, but sometimes jealous and acerbic. Sisters, in short.

These three (yes, there are more) are carved by Argentinian doll maker Gustavo Trullet and painted by my wife (also from Argentina). I like the way Gustavo carves hair. I expect you will be seeing other views of dolls as this blog grows – they are really unavoidable and integral to my surroundings

Gustavo also carves exquisite faces full of personality.




6 thoughts on “Argentine Hitty Hair

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    • Thankyou firasz. These girls were very interested to read your post about Polo, and excited to see Argentine players – it is a national sport and of great interest.


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