Wire Mesh Garden


I watered the neighbour’s garden this summer, and took quite a few pictures there while I could. This is the garden on the other side of Ruby’s gate from my own backyard. One thing that interested me was the wire mesh used for plants to climb on and which started showing up in my photos, sometimes with no planning on my part, sometimes by design. Today’s post has some of the wire mesh photos, as I have come to think of them.





4 thoughts on “Wire Mesh Garden

    • Thanks David. Nice to have an excuse to put an old post before a new audience 😉 And I am glad you like it. I had a lot of fun with that garden and the wire kept on coming at me in my photos, sometimes as a surprise. And it does go nicely with the post you linked.


    • Hi Pacha, thanks a lot. I like your blurry photos a lot – seems like one could feel the texture on the computer screen in your Magic Forest shot, for instance.


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