Sunset Windows

Today I have some pictures of a recent sunset seen on Harling Point as reflections from windows, windows that are near and far. Above are the tiny cottages at the end of Penzance Road across from the Chinese Cemetery.

The second picture is of windows on Hollywood Crescent, and in the far distance reflections from a highrise next to South Park in James Bay. Hollywood Crescent is on the west side of Gonzales Bay, while the photo was taken from the east side next to the Sahsima transformer stone which I have previously written about.




15 thoughts on “Sunset Windows

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    • Hi James – nice to have you visiting again. No to a polarising filter. I think that the filter would probably eliminate most of the reflection in the windows anyway if it was darkening the sky, but would need to fool around with one to see for sure. This shot is taken quite a while after the sun had set when the sky was getting really dark, but clouds in the distance were still showing the sun – I think they must have been very high in the sky.


  2. I love the first image; it’s absolutely breathtaking of the sunset. I also appreciate you stopping by and liking “The Right Path.” I hope you’ll visit again and I look forward to perusing your blog, as well!


    • Hi Jeanne – thanks for dropping by and commenting. It was like this again a couple of days ago, but I did not have my camera with me – probably was different in subtle ways that might have been interesting. Next time.


    • Hi athyfoto – welcome to my blog. And thanks for the comment, coming from someone that takes such great photos, it means a lot. It was a fabulous sunset and eventually I will post some more shots from that evening.


    • Thank you Katie – those are my favourites too. When I looked at the post this morning I regretted including the two middle images – they are not nearly the same standard as the first and last images. Too late to delete them now, but I will try to learn from that.


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