Second Breath

Today’s picture shows dog footprints on the top of a low stone wall and chain fence along the south edge of the King George Terrace lookout.

The Cat requires that I remind the world that no self-respecting animal would walk over wet concrete. I think I also heard her say something like “dumb, dumber and dogs!”

It has been exactly 2 months since I drew my First Breath and blew on the burnt embers of my creativity by starting a photo blog. Creativity long stifled by work in a windowless cubicle and life seemingly too busy to slow down enough to fully appreciate my surroundings and a lot of other obstacles or excuses.

To quote from a book review I read recently (must get the book; see also this great post, where I first came across it)

“It is not when he is working in the office but when he is lying idly on the sand that his soul utters, “Life is beautiful”


” if he has got “a special talent in his breast and a special vision below his eyebrows,” he can get the greatest joy of travel even without going to the mountains, by staying at home and watching and going about the field to watch a sailing cloud, or a dog, or a hedge, or a lonely tree “

These two months have passed quickly. I have traveled widely, even if only in my neighbourhood, by watching a few sailing clouds, cats, trees, water drops, fences and lonely derelicts of one kind and another. I have made a few photos I am pleased with, and some that other people seem to like (not necessarily the same ones, which I find interesting and a bit alarming). I and the blog are thriving with more than 60 posts, 4,400 views and 45 subscribers, already (!).

I still have a ton to learn about my camera, even more to know about taking pictures and looking at my surroundings, and am a neophyte when it comes to post-production. But, it feels like I have made a good start and I thank all of you for viewing and your kind comments and overall for your encouragement and willlingness to help and share knowledge. This photography blogging community is terrific, I am glad to be here.



13 thoughts on “Second Breath

  1. there are people who would never care if the fire of their creativity is gone, if they had it in the first place at all… there are people who would care, but would do nothing… you, on the other hand, seem to do much to keep that fire burning… I admire that very much and can only hope I will be able too to do that and not give in to daily routine and inertia… now, who’s inspiring who 🙂 🙂 thanks for directing me to this post, it’s such a positive start of my day… 🙂


    • Hi David – welcome to my blog. Your compliment is very warming especially from someone that takes such superb photos. I am envious that your son will allow photos to be taken and published, neither of mine would permit it, But, I don’t know how to take pictures of people, so maybe its more to do with my product than their opinion of me. Probably your photos are all over your son’s facebook page too 🙂


  2. That is very cool, also wanted to let you know that I found a theme that let me post the bigger pictures & without you having to scroll over to see everything. Come by & see if you like it? I did however…had to go back & change all my pictures over to the bigger ones for every post….lol Jason


    • Hey Jason – thanks for coming by again. I did notice your change of format and had meant to comment on it before now – it is nice to see more detail in your photographs than was possible before. A real drag to have to redo the old images though. You may have noticed that my images are a smaller and easier to download on your slow connection – I hope they are. Though I realise that there may be too many posts on my home page and that it will continue to load slowly. Eventually I will probably reduce the number of posts that show that way.


  3. I’m glad you’re finding pleasure and a new perspective in your own neck of the woods. I’ve had the same experience since starting my blog. I will celebrate my blog’s second anniversary in two days after posting more than 1,600 images and 800 posts. If someone told me I’d be that productive when I started out, I would never have believed it. Further, most of those photos are within a mile of my home. Each day I hang my camera around my neck, I’m sure I won’t see anything new worth shooting, but I return home with images of things I discovered on my walk. I wish you the same continuing joy.


    • Hi Doug. I learned a lot from you and your blog when I was starting out all those ages ago in September. I like the local aspect of your blog, it weaves a much deeper story over time than is really possible for a geographically wide coverage. Thanks once again for your encouragement and help.


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