Motorcycle Frost

I previously posted a macro study of water drops on my son’s motorcycle cover which protects his new bike from the elements out on the patio. As I said in that post – its like a bad dream for any parent of a teenage son when they buy a high-powered motorcycle. We braved the boxing day sales to buy body armor which helps with our peace of mind, a little anyway. Better than nothing.

So, this post revisits that bike cover, but in a frozen state. A few days before Christmas we had frost following rainfall the evening before. The bike cover was coated with frozen raindrops each of which sported little frost headdresses. As you may recall, the last set of photos had an artificial blue to them that came from white balance settings I forgot to change. They were a custom setting so to replicate the colour I chose flourescent light and hoped for the best. This time I could use the tripod. As I was taking pictures a very weak sun lit them; even though it was weak, it warmed them enough that the little crests of frost started to melt and collapse in just a few minutes.




This shot is lit also by a reflection of the sun from the windows in the French doors. In many ways, the bottom image is the one I am most satisfied with. Even though I do like the macro shots of crystals  there is something about the texture and light in the bottom image that strikes a chord with me.




All taken with SMC Takumar 100mm f4.0 macro screw mount (m42) lens on a Canon EOS 5D MkII. ISO 800, mostly at f4 and f5.6 but up to f16 for some shots – shutter speeds range from  1/160th to 1/8,000th! I could have lowered the ISO a lot more, but clearly I was not thinking, or rather, I was not thinking clearly.




10 thoughts on “Motorcycle Frost

    • Hi Danita – I agree that there are similarities – I often see something on your blog that looks like something I might have taken. We are talking about your photo blog here, not so much the one that your gravatar/comments link to which is more writing oriented.


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