Breakwater Shadow

This is another shot from Ogden Point Breakwater which I first posted about yesterday. This shadow is on the side of a building at the landward end of the breakwater. All the people perambulating on the breakwater at this time of day and year cast their shadow here.



I like the shadow, and the interplay of the railing shadow and pattern of the door on this shed. The shed I imagine to be related to the Pilot Authority operations. I am hoping that people like this shadow picture better than the one on a house from a few days ago. If you don’t then I have a lot more work to do on this idea than I imagine right now.

My daughter, viewing this from the other side of the room, thinks the shadow looks like a squirrel on a telephone pole, “or something”. I think it looks like a person, and for some subtle reason I can’t articulate, a female person (I did not see the person, only the shadow, so I will never know).


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, Canon 50/1.4 lense, ISO100, f11, 1/100th




5 thoughts on “Breakwater Shadow

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  2. Really love all the lines, the silhouette of the grass and rock (?) are an interesting inclusion…I like them! At first, the shadow appeared to be a female to me but the more I looked at it, the more I thought of a child hurrying down the stairs rushing to his/her final destination. 😀


    • HI David. I like that silhouette too, it was a bit of a side benefit of upping the contrast to get the shadow to standout.

      I never thought of a child, partly because I was there during school hours and everyone on the breakwater, and there were many that walked out and back, or jogged, while I was photographing, were adults. But I can see exactly what you mean.


    • Thank you Background – I have a series of images of two people walking in the other direction – up if you like. If I knew how to make a giff, it would make a great little series of a moving shadow against the static building.


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