The Flower Way

Today’s post has details (mostly) of various kinds of the local wildflowers found in Garry Oak meadows around the south end of Vancouver Island and adjacent Gulf Islands. Some are full frame, others are crops removed from otherwise uninteresting images, often out of focus areas that I like for their water-colour feel

There are fawn lilies (white), camas (blue), shooting stars (pink) and some trillium details (pinkish white). With a bit of vegetation thrown in for good measure. Most of these shots are taken at what we call in my family “the flower way”, a small triangle of meadow in the Uplands of Oak Bay. When the kids were little this was along one of several routes into town from our home. Obviously this place got its name in the spring, and we used to stop to look at the flowers and then carry on into town, or just wave and call out to them as we drove past. The pleasures of wildflower meadows are many.

Click on any photo below to view it in gallery mode, and once in the gallery, click on the arrows on either side to navigate, or press escape to exit back to this page.

For a map of this location see this link (be ready to wait for a while as the pictures linked to the map take some time to upload, also you may have to scroll to the bottom of the list on the left and then choose the second page and select the flower way, I seem to be testing the limits of google maps now).

Canon 5d Mark II using Takumar 100/4 Macro lens.



27 thoughts on “The Flower Way

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    • Thanks Toad. Glad you enjoyed it. Spring flowers are really quite cliche in some ways, but completely irresistable. I did try to find different ways of presenting them, with mixed success.


  3. Great series, I will say that SHOOTING STAR CLUSTER is my fav, there’s just something about how the colours pop out that really captivates me! Sorry I haven’t been around much, I plan on visiting the blogs I normally visit and then make the rounds for all the posts I’ve missed (which…is a TON)!


  4. Wowza, ehpem! These are so cool! I love them all. I like the way you displayed a slice of the Trillium. What a great piece of artwork it makes.
    I do love how Trillium turns a pale pink as it ages. The other flowers are beautiful also. The Shooting Star is stunning….I love the frilly, swept back petals. The Camas is very cool too. Your story about stopping on the way to town to see the meadow is wonderful!


    • Hi Judy – thanks so much! These are among my favourite wild flowers. Missing are chocolate lillies which are so very different in many ways, far more subtle.


    • Indeed. Though perhaps they became botanists as result of appreciating their beauty first. There are worse fates in life than to be paid to study flowers, for their reproductive ways, or not.


  5. Flower photography and catching the spirit and elegance of the different flowers in our photographs is a creative exercise that brings happiness with it. You have a very nice set of photos here Ehpem.


  6. Great photos of one of my favorite subjects. I like the shallow depth of field and the saturated color. The Takumar has a lot of life left in it.


    • Thanks Ken. It does indeed. Even though I feel spoiled after renting that rather extreme Canon macro, which is a sharper lens than the Takumar, there is nonetheless a lot to be had from this lens which has great bokeh and is a pretty handy size, even if only 0.5:1 magnification.


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