Tree Crop

Looking skyward on St. Charles Street right next to Ross Bay.

This was after sunset and the branches were actually yellow against a pale blue sky.

I like the simple graphic quality of this image, and since I have been

(a) cooking and

(b) struggling with new software all day,

simple is exactly where I need to be now.

Simple Sunday, even though you won’t be seeing this till Monday.



Canon 5Dii, Canon 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO 200, f3.5, 1/400th

14 thoughts on “Tree Crop

    • Thank you Karen. I think part of my belated appreciation for this picture comes from viewing so many of your artfully simple compositions over the past several months.


      • Ahh – I think that is one use of the word, or a subset of a silhouette and used for for instance with Wayang or what I would normally think of as Javanese Puppet Theatre. The classic use of the word originates with cut-out portraits, usually solid black on white. The word has extended from there. Here is a wiki link to show what I mean, but if you do an image search on silhouette you will get many more in that theme.
        Anyway, I know appreciate the meaning of your original comment 🙂 In both senses of the word appreciate.


    • Thanks Ryan – bird bumps is a good term for them. I think you are probably right about them, but I had wondered if they were the last leaves clinging for dear life in December when this shot was taken. Birds make more sense as this is a very windy spot, and December is very late in the season.


    • Thanks so much Ken. I took it in December and even cropped it then for an aborist friend looking for an image for his business card. For some reason it is more appealing to me now in the summer than then – perhaps I have looked at enough pictures since then to have a different eye, or maybe the simple leafless branches are an interesting foil to the current heavily laden trees. I do find I am very much drawn to simple images, though you would not know it from my own posts. Something to work on!


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