Cat Keys

Apparently I am overdue for including the Cat in my blog, after all there is a neglected tab across the top of the blog just for Her.

She reminds me that my previous Cat posts have been among my most viewed. So, She gets her way, again.

She is musical in that she does not mind all manner of music

(except perhaps the drum kit stretches Her tolerance, and Her hatred banished the sax from the house, never to return).

However tolerant of keyboard music, She really prefers not to share the chair with a keyboard. Can’t say I blame Her.



Canon 5DMkii, Canon 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO500, f2.8, 1/20th, hand-held (got lucky again).

4 thoughts on “Cat Keys

  1. I am so glad to see that the order of authority is well established in your household, my friend! What a beautiful cat, and I love this composition that really leaves the viewer wondering what it is she’s so intently thinking of! Perhaps we’ll never know, but that sure is part of the fun of it all. AWESOME post, Ehpem!


    • She is very intent which is why I like this shot. Her mind is on something out the window. My guess is either the possibility of the neighbour’s cat, or perhaps wildlife. Not much else interests her usually.


  2. She has been seeming more like retirement of late. Sleeps maybe 22 hours a day. We had mice in our cupboards this year for the first time since we go Her, a sure sign She is slowing down. Good idea about the window, but a better idea is get my son to try not leave it on the chair, or the guitars, or even the electric bass now that I think of it.


  3. For a while I thought the cat went into retirement. I can’t think of any subject I have more photos of than cats. We only have Emo now and I think he must be the most photographed cat in history. It doesn’t matter if 99% of the photos are of him sleeping (which he does 23 hours a day). Emo loves the piano, but then again, the piano doesn’t sit in his chair (every chair is his chair). In the hour he’s awake, he likes to sit in an open windows, so maybe if you open the window behind the chair she won’t notice the keyboard.


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