Trafalgar Grass I

Trafalgar Park has many varieties of grass which were very active in the wind when I was giving my new lens a workout here a few days ago.

I spent long moments waiting for a lull in the breeze before taking a shot, but rarely did I catch all of the grass still.




Canon 5Dii, Canon 100mm/f2.8 macro, ISO100, f2.8

This post prepared in advance of my trip. I will be back in a few days; in the meantime this is a continuation of a series from Trafalgar Park, in Oak Bay near Victoria, BC. I won’t be reviewing the blog, but will reply to comments when I get back.


13 thoughts on “Trafalgar Grass I

    • Thank you Toad – “controlled” – that is part of it isn’t it, sometimes the trickiest part when in tight and focusing off-centre. I’m still learning these things, how to get the control.


    • Thank you Ken – you honour me with early attention. I hope you had a good trip, and that we get glimpses of it as well. Or maybe we already have – I have not had time to check out blogs yet as I only got back yesterday evening.


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