Trafalgar Grass II

More of the Trafalgar Park grass which I posted about a couple of days ago, including a long exposure.

This was at sunset, so some of the shots were beautifully lit; but in some instances I resisted the lovely yellow hues and converted to black and white; just because.

The bottom shot is a long exposure in which I was hoping to get the grasses blurred in an interesting way, sort of smooth like water can get. It did not really work, but I like the idea and will try again sometime. I really like that this macro lens will take the filters from my 50mm lens.





Canon 5Dii, Canon 100mm/f2.8 macro, ISO100, f2.8 (except bottom: f29 at 25 seconds, Cameron Fader ND filter at about 6 f-stops of density)

This post prepared in advance of my trip. I will be back in a few days; in the meantime this is a continuation of a series from Trafalgar Park, in Oak Bay near Victoria, BC. I won’t be reviewing the blog, but will reply to comments when I get back.


14 thoughts on “Trafalgar Grass II

    • Thank you Ryan. In some of the ones that are black and white the exposures did not lend themselves too well to being presented in colour, but allowed a conversion that brings out the textures nicely, which was one reason I converted them.


    • Thank you Toad – that one one came out so much better than I expected, my eye compensating for the effect of the low sun did not see the colours the way they were captured, but should have…


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