Sangan River Blues II

More from the mouth of the Sangan River on the north shore of Haida Gwaii (see here for other posts in series).


This map shows you where today’s images come from just east of Massett  and across Dixon Entrance from the very south end of Alaska.

I sure do like the rich blues and beach textures combined here in strips.

To view larger versions of the images below click on any thumbnail and then use the arrows to navigate and escape to return to this page.


Canon 5Dii with Canon 100/f2.8 Macro, ISO100. Mostly f2.8, up to f6.1

11 thoughts on “Sangan River Blues II

  1. I love the blue of the water and the gray of the shore together, it’s a great combination. Any enhancements? I’m always tempted to push that blue slider a bit.


    • Hi Ken, I don’t have a blue slider 🙂 But I did push the contrast a tiny bit in all of them, and the brings up the blue, and on one of them I did a graduated (grey) tint to get a more balanced (with river) blue in the sky. But, they did come out of the camera with a strong blue. It was interesting to me because the water was actually quite brown when you looked at it, but this angle must have been all about the sky and not the water.


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