Outings with my Mother


I have regular outings with my mother, almost always on the Saanich Peninsula since that is where she lives.

This spring we have been several times to St. Stephens churchyard in the Mt. Newton valley.

We keep on going back because the flowers have changed every week or two – they are mix of traditional English and local native species.

Two weeks ago when the picture above was taken, the local Fawn Lillies (see below) were in abundance.

A few weeks earlier it was crocuses.

Yesterday when we made our most recent visit it was bluebells and daisies (and lizards!).

All these pictures taken while testing a new-t0-me Mamiya C330 Pro F wearing a Mamiya-Sekor 80/2.8 lens.

Crocuses – Rookie mistake with TLR – parallax error on close up


Fawn Lillies


Fawn Lillies



Mamiya C330 Pro F wearing a Mamiya-Sekor 80/2.8 lens, Kodak Portra 160 expired 09/16, scanned at home.




5 thoughts on “Outings with my Mother

  1. your mother has a lovely faced..she looks so content in this photo…at ease. And with your descriptions and depictions of the wonderful flora who that is no surprise.

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  2. These are just so beautiful. Fawn lilies always remind me of my girlhood, riding my horse on the Saanich peninsula, up early on weekend mornings to find places I’d sort of suspected existed. Old farmsteads, churchyards, beaches. When the erythroniums like a place, they multiply like crazy, don’t they? We have some near us but there are never all that many. I remember stopping at the Oyster River estuary once on my way back from Campbell River and the pink ones were in abundance (E. revolutum), along with trilliums. Lots of wall lizards at St. Stephens too. Did you ever know Debbie MacRae in high school? Her parents bought what had been a private zoo near Durrance Lake and the story was that homes had been found for all the animals but the European wal lizards were set free…and therein lies a tale.

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