Combined Triptych

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I posted one of these frames a month or two ago (here).

But I did have in mind when shooting that I might scan some of the frames I shot as a single image, as I often do with the half-frame Olympus Pen.

This image combines two favourite subjects, my mother and the storm drain, along with a favourite camera.

I took this shot mid-February on one of those really nice days that are also a bit crisp.

It took some effort to get to the storm drain and I did not want to leave her alone for too long, so there was no time for the careful composition these multiple frames normally require.

Still, it came out alright.

There is one more image which might show up combined with one of these as a diptych.


Olympus Pen half-frame camera (1960), long expired Neopan SS 100, commercially processed, scanned at home.




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