This image combines two favourite subjects, my mother and the storm drain, along with a favourite camera, the Olympus Pen half-frame.

I took this shot mid-February on one of those really nice days that are also a bit crisp.

It is one of four images, I expect others will show up around here sometime.


Olympus Pen half-frame camera (1960), Neopan SS 100, commercially processed, scanned at home.




7 thoughts on “Combined

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    • Thanks Lynn. I think her posture and stick contribute as well. And what I know of her health. I am glad I got the chance to take this photo, not sure there will be another as she is getting less nimble quite rapidly now.

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      • I’m sorry to hear that, but she’s had a long, fulfilling life, I bet. And she has a good support system in place! I hate to sound pedantic, but at times like these, it’s good for everyone to rethink fall prevention. There may be a few things you all can do around her house that could make a difference. These changes can creep up on you and it’s hard to stay prepared.

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    • Thank you Sherry – I agree. It took a certain effort to get her out there as there is a bit of a drop from the sidewalk to the beach, and then there are logs to get over. She was game though, and I think liked standing out there.

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