Renfrew Skies


These shots are from my trip to Port Renfrew – taken at the edge of the beach next to the day before yesterday’s photos. It was a lovely clear evening, with only minor light pollution. It is so nice for a city dweller to get out where there are stars to be seen in abundance.





To see the rest of the Port Renfrew photos, click here.

Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N Auto 24/f2.8 lens, ISO2000, 30 second exposures, various apertures.



19 thoughts on “Renfrew Skies

    • Thanks Erin. That is my granddaughter peering through the spinning deck of a playground toy, watching the ground go by. Or else she is observing the blog action beneath her. She can’t speak more than a few words, so asking her is unlikely to get more of a response than “kittycat” or “nononono” or perhaps “mooooo”.


  1. The second one is particularly striking – in landscape mode, a three layered sandwich. I am puzzled about where the golden forground light is coming from. It suggested a campfire to Kiki and it does look light artificial rather than natural light. I think I can make out Cassiopea up there but I havebt had a good look at the constellations for ages. This makes me want to go there! Wow.


    • Hi Val,
      The foreground light is coming from a street light on the other side of the cabin I was staying in, hence the yellow colour. There are very few street lights in the area (you can see one or two in the distant lower left of some of these shots which are across the bay) so the night sky was still very clear.


  2. I agree with Photobooth Journal – absolutely WOW! And from out of nowhere the picture of a campfire with a few cowboys sitting around it popped into my head 😀


    • Hi Kiki, campfire is a good thought – perhaps from the yellow foreground light? In fact, a sauna with woodstove was burning in the back yard behind me, and although it did not cast light in this direction, it did smell smoky.


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