What Was I Making?


Can anyone figure out from these heavily processed photos what I was making?

A while back I had a  guess-what-it-is post, and today’s shots were taken during preparation of the same meal, but they are not of the cheese soufflé I also made that evening. EDIT: I have posted in the comments pictures of egg yolks, which are not in this recipe, along with other clues.

To launch the gallery below click on any image and then scroll through using the arrows.

If you are on a mobile device, you will need to ensure that you are in the post and not in one of the layers of the wretched WP Reader that you have to navigate before actually entering the post – otherwise the gallery will not launch properly and you will have to open each image individually (and I will never know you looked at my post either as there will be no views recorded).




Canon 5Dii, Canon 100mm/f2.8 lens,  ISO640,  Processed in Topaz Restyle and LR5




13 thoughts on “What Was I Making?

  1. Well it looks as if you are all stumped. These ingredients became a layer cake (two macros of the cake) filled with whipped cream and mashed strawberries whipped together. The first shot is a dribble of vanilla on the partly whipped cream and several others are of the fully whipped cream. On is of a sliced strawberry in a measuring cup ready for mashing. It was a biethday request as was the soufflé.


    • Hi Pete and welcome to my blog (and thanks also for following). Your response makes me realise that one of my clues below is misleading. There are egg yolks in part of this recipe (most of the photos are of another part of the same recipe). However, the egg yolks are not separated from their whites. And thus this is not meringue – but it is with strawberries. Getting closer!


    • Hi Dawn. I just replied to this on my phone, but it is not showing up on my desktop. If you get two replies, that is why. I can see why you guessed an after dinner coffee, and it is not one of those, although some of the ingredients in what I was making could indeed show up in an after dinner coffee of the more fancy variety. But not coffee.


    • Hi Katherine – you have guessed both caudle and custard! And lemon meringue tart. None are correct, though in fact part of what I was making is closely akin to zabaglione (though I did not know it till I researched what exactly it is) and definitely could be considered caudle, and if not caudle, then most certainly spoon-meat, in its old meaning. However, there was no tart shell involved. And no egg yolks. I will try to insert an egg yolk picture from the souffle series in this comment after posting it, and if that does not work, I will add it above, just because it is a good opportunity to use it.
      Egg Yolk - not used in this recipe

      More egg yolk, not used.


    • And this also makes me wonder – does anyone know a rhyme or poem, probably nonsense, which contains the phrase “caudle and custard” or “coddle and custard”? My partner has the rhythm and the phrase in her head from many years ago, but Dr. Google seems never to have heard of it.


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