Tow Hill Flat

This will be the last in my series about Tow Hill, Haida Gwaii. Yesterday I took you up the boardwalk to the top of the hill. Today we follow the flat boardwalk out to the blowhole beach at the foot of the hill. We actually did a loop, coming down to the beach from the top of the hill – that path splits part way along. We returned from the beach via today’s route.

This path is wheel chair accessible, though the last bit down to the beach is not a boardwalk and could be difficult going, and of course the pebble beach would be tough. All along the route there are benches and I took lots of pictures of them since benches seem to make my shutter finger itchy. They were wet during our visit and thus I did not try them out – if you need benches to complete this walk, then bring along something to sit on if it has rained in the past day or two. The path itself is through the forest along the mouth of the Hiellen River and a nice trip all of its own even if you can’t negotiate the last bit by the beach.

The incredible rock formations of the blowhole beach are at the end of this path and were shown in my first  and second Tow Hill posts. It is a pretty special place well worth the visit if you are in Haida Gwaii.

Some of the Quimper Hittys came along on this trip and they too have blogged about visiting Tow Hill – see their post about this walk here.





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Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N (pre-AI) 24mm/2.8m lens.

7 thoughts on “Tow Hill Flat

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  2. What a romantic series of images! I love leading lines in photography as I find they introduce a whole bunch of tension into a scene. I find myself absolutely compelled to visit this magical place with Mrs. Toad, the first chance we get! Your entire series from this location is so absolutely quintessentially west coast!


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