Pot House

The last of my black and white HDR experiments from last week, this time of a pottery studio, in North Saanich. It used to be a four stall stable for horses, but two stalls have been converted into a studio, and the other two are used as an outbuilding for garden equipment and workshop.

This also was taken with the rented Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5 L tilt-shift lens. The top picture is my favourite of this North Saanich series.


To view larger versions of photos below click on any thumbnail, use the arrows to navigate and escape to return to this page.


Canon 5Dii, Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5 L, if 3 brackets +/-  1 EV, if more brackets then some more like 0.5 EV. All are 3 brackets except 3rd image (4 brackets) and 4th (5 brackets).



6 thoughts on “Pot House

  1. If I had access to a site like this I think I’d have to perform a career move. I’d have to bring a tent and supplies, and basically move in for the next, oh, forty years!!!! What a place, Ehpem, you’ve done a spectacular job of bringing this to life!


    • Thanks a lot Toad. I only had an hour or so for these photographs, but I agree, its a very nice place to spend a lot of time. Worthy of some colour photography at some time as well. Hmmmm…


    • Thanks David – it is an interesting place. Only when I had a second look at this photo did I notice that the siding on the gable end is of two different kinds – similar, but not the same. I think that is pretty typical for this place, it was originally built from odds and ends.


  2. I like all of these but the north side photo has some interesting and contrasting shapes that actually blend well together. The west entrance photo is much the same. Nice work.


    • Hi Ken. Thanks! It helps that someone with an artistic eye has arranged found objects that they like. That north wall is kind of like an art work. I do wonder if the big saw blade was placed at that location for artistic reasons, or if that was just the closest spot to the driveway, and be darned if its going to be carried another foot. That’s a lot of steel.


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