Cow Bay Boat House

This reflection of a boat house is the last of my Cowichan Bay series that has run the past week. This is by far my favourite picture from that outing and I would have been happy with just it and no others. It was taken as we were leaving the dock at dusk, in low light levels, with the ISO cranked up pretty high and shutter speeds well below recommended (I would love an image stabilising lens, but sadly have none). I took several sets of brackets to ensure I got one set in focus, though the shot does not really need an HDR treatment. However, it does give ghosts in the reflections that work very well and brings out the glow in the aluminum surfaces and so I have stuck with the HDR version. The black and white conversion seemed obvious, it was monochrome anyway, but very blue, too blue for my tastes.

This boat house has shown up in my last two posts – I noticed it from afar and started framing it into my shots. I like the one from a couple of days ago quite a lot, but this point of view really did the trick for me.

Yesterday evening I accidentally published Cow Bay Float House for just after midnight – but for yesterday rather than my intended today. I hate it when I make that mistake, as it pushes the post way down on people’s RSS feeds where they can easily miss it, as if indeed it had been published 21 hours earlier than it really was. So, if you missed it, then click on the link in the first sentence in this paragraph.

You may have noticed changes to the layout of my blog all below the comments area. I have added thumbnails for most commonly viewed posts (recent ones, the way it works is a bit of a mystery so far), a search box and a “go to random post” link which is kind of fun as it can pop up old posts I have nearly forgotten about.


Canon 5Dii, Canon 100mm/f2.8 macro lens, ISO1250, 1/60th +/- 1 EV hand-held, but rested firmly on the pier railing.




16 thoughts on “Cow Bay Boat House

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  2. You’ve totally nailed this one, my friend. Outta the park, so to speak. That reflection was amazing and what a great photograph here to represent that. What a great way to wrap up your series here!! I can honestly say I agree with you on this one being the best image of the entire set.


    • Ha! If I did I might not tell you about it, from fear of your book reviews:)

      Seriously though, thanks for the compliment. The idea of a photo book seems awfully premature to me. Besides, I have an academic one (as a co-editor) wrapping up right now and the gestation of that volume is enough to put one off the idea for life.


    • Thanks Andy. It is the simplicity of it that really attracts me. Besides, I grew up near a marina with these, and out and about in boats, so they hold a fascination beyond just their patterns.


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