Wasp Art Macros

Another set of wet and windy day shots taken indoors next to the wood stove.

This is a wasp nest that was established in a wooden box on my front porch. The wasps are long dead and so I brought in a bit of the nest to take pictures on my kitchen table as I loved the colours in it. The wasps must have had access to a lot of very freshly cut wood when building this nest.

These photos are taken against, or on, foil covered cards – one silver and anther ‘gold’. The photographs are not cropped, except for a sliver off the bottom of the one below to remove the edge of the foil.



To open the gallery view, click on any thumbnail below, navigate with the arrows and escape to return to this page


Canon 5Dii, Canon 100mm/f2.8 macro lens, ISO100, various f stops (f2.8, f16 and f32),  3 brackets, +/- 1 EV.



33 thoughts on “Wasp Art Macros

    • Hi Helen – there seem to be so many miniature landscapes when one looks very closely at natural subjects. Their discovery is one of the joys of this kind of photography.


    • Thank you so much Ryan, I love it when your Haiku land on the beaches of my blog.
      I have been meaning to point you to a great collaboration – of Haiku and photographs. Laurie Wagner Buyer Jameson and Melinda Green Harvey (who comments on this blog from time to time) have a joint blog where Melinda does the photography and Laurie the Haiku captions. Really nice combination.


    • Hi Laurie – thank you! Actually, this was a fragment of the nest, it had come apart in the box. I think the lid may have been banged shut on discovery when first occupied, breaking it open. Otherwise, I would have steered a wide or at least very careful berth. I hate wasp stings.


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  2. Unreal!!! I love the textures, colors and details you’ve brought out in this set! You get a very strong sense of depth and texture through your careful use of HDR in these. This is one of those series that you simply have to see, there is no description that could do it justice fully!


    • It is unreal isn’t it? The HDR settings for this series was unlike others that I have worked out, though I am not sure I saved them, so it could be hit and miss the next time I have a subject like this. The wasp nest is gone, I burned it, It was not whole anyway, and beginning to come apart, so it is nice to have a record of it.


    • They are very geological! And the colour arises, I suspect, in part from the nest being completely contained in a closed wooden trunk or box and thus not exposed to UV degradation. Possibly also they were using new wood as well, with occasional access to a bit of really old wood or bark hence the gray and almost black bands.


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