Tide Pool Sunset III


These are a continuation of the series of sunset and tide pool taken two weekends ago. This pool is the same as the first one that I showed, the shots are a few minutes earlier in the sequence.

The photo above is from a slighter higher vantage than the previous ones. The one below is from up the beach a way, and gives a better sense of the size and perspective of the other shots.



Canon EOS 5D MkII, Nikkor-N Auto 24mm, f2.8 lens at ISO100, f 2.8,  top: +2.o, +4.o, -1.0 E.V., bottom: +/- 2.0 E.V.

8 thoughts on “Tide Pool Sunset III

  1. I like both shot here. An interesting thing I have noticed about flare is that it usually in not good in photos. But there are occasions when it really can contribute to the overall quality of an image, like these. That’s one of the reasons why I usually only attach a lens hood when I feel it necessary.


    • Thanks Ken! I don’t have a lens hood for this lens, so not a lot of choice. I liked this flare too – this lens does not have the modern coatings that really reduce flare. Those two things and my liking for shooting into the light mean I pretty much have to live with it when I am going wide angle. I do however keep a hood on my macro lens at all times as macro rarely seems to have nice flare (though how would I know if I am blocking it out all the time?), and a folding rubber one on the 50mm lens which usually is extended.


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