Grandchild 3


This weekend I only pointed my camera at babies, young children and their adults. So, I am falling back on some more grand daughter pictures from Sunday brunch.

We all went to my niece’s 4th birthday party and our grand daughter got to meet great grandparents, grand parents, a great uncle, great aunt and cousin once removed, as well as numerous other people. She spent most of her time sleeping on her grandmother’s lap!

Frida sleeps through party 2

Any one tired of baby pictures yet?


Canon 5Dii, Canon EF 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO800, f1.4 & 1/320th top, f2.0 & 1/200th bottom


10 thoughts on “Grandchild 3

    • Hi Ken. I agree about natural light. These are a mix, not all that near to a window but enough getting through. She is still a bit jaundiced so has quite a dark complexion, which is more evident in the lower picture. My daughter refers to her as being carroty, which she is especially in artificial light – one good reason for a black and white conversion.


      • Indeed. That was a big phase I went through and later it directly lead to my becoming obsessed with getting my picture taken. I was appalled when people forgot about my attendance at events as I wasn’t in any of the photos. I really hated that, so went to the opposite extreme, as you know!!


      • Katherine – you sound like you might have been a wee bit difficult around cameras, more than I would want in a grandchild! Photobooths at least allow you to control the essentials and getting into one for a picture taken is your idea, unlike someone whipping out a camera and pointing it at you.


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