Grandchild 2

Frida smile 2

Who says that two-week old babies don’t smile? This is my grand-daughter, Frida. She smiles, fleetingly.

And here are pictures of Frida’s parents, their suggestion that I post. I took a bunch of photos for them yesterday and these are among my favourite that I have processed so far. Not sure why as they are a bit stiff in some way. I think that is what attracts me to them. As I have noted before, I am not much of a portrait photographer, but it is fun to try with willing subjects.Proud Parents 1These shots were taken in the fading light of the late afternoon in their apartment. The light was quite low, but also pretty good for what I wanted to do – two windows facing them and another to the left side. I wanted them quite well-lit compared to the back ground so it could be made to disappear a bit, or a lot.


Proud Parents 2



Canon 5Dii, SMC Takumar M42 mount 35mm/f3.5 lens, ISO800 first two, ISO500 bottom, f4.0, 1/30th, 1/30th, 1/50th top to bottom.


22 thoughts on “Grandchild 2

  1. I missed these when you posted them before. Great to see them now. I agree with Joseph about the lighting and I particularly like the “serious” one as a portrait. I like B’s lobster T shirt and little F is a real 5 star baby!

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  4. I liked these better the second time I looked at them. (I mean – I loved Frida’s portrait right away!) The ones with her parents did seem a bit too stiff at first, but the next time I saw them, the “stiffness” seemed more formal, almost elegant. I love the one where the parents are looking into the camera. I think they are saying, “That’s RIGHT – she’s ours and she’s great!”


    • Thanks Melinda. That one is my daughter’s favourite shot of the three of them (there are many others). I like the other one too, it has something casual about it, like they are already totally used to having a baby around.


  5. Beautiful face Frida has.. Nice series of portraits… The light is great as it separates people from their background and it models the faces very nicely. Contrast (that is so easily overdone in portrait work) is perfect, and more to the point, congratulations to you and your family with the arrival of this beautiful baby girl.


    • Thank you Joseph! I find the contrast part pretty tricky – in this case it was all about colour filters and getting them right in combination because they have quite different skin tones and the light was not as even as it looks, at least not all of the time. Also, I had to mask out the back ground quite a lot in some photos, but the lighting made that possible as it was already more in shadow.


  6. Your showing a knack for portraiture, not to mention baby photographer. The photos are very nice and Frida looks like a sweetheart. Here is wishing the parents and you and your partner as grandparents the best of luck in the future. I’m hoping to see more photos in the future.


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