Grandchild 4

Proud Parents 4

I have found the time to process a couple more grandchild and family photos from last weekend, age 2 weeks.

I was taken by the symmetry of the parental arms in the lower photo. Others in this group can be found here.

Proud Parents 3



Canon 5Dii, SMC Takumar M42 mount 35mm/f3.5 lens, ISO500, ~f4.0, 1/50th.


14 thoughts on “Grandchild 4

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    • Thanks Toad – it feels like I am just learning how to do it, as these are some of my first. More tomorrow I am afraid. I have had very little time to take pictures, and the light and weather has not been too cooperative when I have had openings.


    • Hi Kathryn, that is how it is, not imagined. But not really planned. The light was low and fading and the lens I was using was pretty slow lens, but I tried to get a bit more depth of field out of it. However, I did not want to push the ISO any higher so I had to live with a fairly shallow depth of field, though I thought it was deep enough to work out.


    • Hi Melinda – I am enjoying it. This was a requested session, I took tons of photos but have only had time to select and process a few since then. I expect a few more will show up. That lighting was lucky – a narrow brighter shaft of light came in one of the windows, not too bright but filtered by clouds and fell on part of her face. I got a few photos before the cloud moved back over.


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